Saturday, September 16, 2006

All Anaerobic Digestion Plants must comply with the ATEX Regulations (DSEAR - UK)

This is an advertisement; - but if any reader's company (EU based) has yet to comply it could avoid them being prosecuted later.

ATEX (DSEAR UK) Appplies to Anaerobic Digestion Plants: Since June 2006 the ATEX and and UK's Dangerous Substance & Explosive Atmosphere Regulations have placed requirements on all AD plant operators. It is the Employer's duty to ensure compliance.

Here is an important extract taken from the Statutory Instrument:-

Places where explosive atmospheres may occur
7. - (1) Every employer shall classify places at the workplace where an explosive atmosphere may occur into hazardous or non-hazardous places in accordance with paragraph 1 of Schedule 2 and shall classify those places so classified as hazardous into zones in accordance with paragraph 2 of that Schedule; and that Schedule shall have effect subject to the notes at the end of that Schedule.
(2) The employer shall ensure that the requirements specified in Schedule 3 are applied to equipment and protective systems in the places classified as hazardous pursuant to paragraph (1).
(3) Where necessary, places classified as hazardous pursuant to paragraph (1) shall be marked by the employer with signs at their points of entry in accordance with Schedule 4.
(4) Before a workplace containing places classified as hazardous pursuant to paragraph (1) is used for the first time, the employer shall ensure that its overall explosion safety is verified by a person who is competent in the field of explosion protection as a result of his experience or any professional training or both.
(5) The employer shall ensure that appropriate work clothing which does not give rise to electrostatic discharges is provided for use in places classified as hazardous pursuant to paragraph (1).
(6) This regulation is subject to the transitional provisions in regulation 17(1) to (3).

Is you organisation compliant?

IPPTS Associates have all necessary explosion protection experience, and can assist with compliance training, DSEAR explosion risk reviews, produce Explosion Protection Docuements, and gernally assist with ATEX (DSEAR UK) compliance issues. In fact they have been busy doing this work for many, mostly Local Authority, but also commercial clients, since early this year, for existing landfill sites.

Visit Enviros employee web site for more information and contact Enviros for any further information needed via the ATEX AND DSEAR Contact Page.