Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Poo Power Infographic Taps Into Public Sensitivities About Biogas from Waste in Our Latest AD Blog Post

This post is about another web page, which we hope that you will want to visit. Read-on and you will discover why that is.

Here is the top part of the new infographic from that other page, which we have been given permission to use by Lanes for Drains – Drainage Contractor, through the embedding code they provide below this interesting infographic image, in its original location, on their website.

 From Poo to Power - Via Anaerobic Digestion!

The way the subject is handled won't meet the approval of some people (we apologize if that is you...) as the source of this very clean and environmentally sustainable "energy from poo" is something most of us would rather not dwell upon. 

However, the reason that "Lanes for Drains" commissioned this informational artwork in the way they have done, was very much one of publicizing anaerobic digestion to a new audience by using a novel way to communicate what most would otherwise consider to be a very dry subject.

If you visit our web page at you can see the full infographic which is unfortunately simply too large for us to embed it here on this blog page!

Below the infographic which tells the story of the growing number of (sewage sludge waste fed) Anaerobic Digestion Plants around the world, we have added a YouTube video which we really liked because it shows an experiment which demonstrates just how well a digestate culture can produce biogas in a simplified biogas reactor system.

It is just the sort of "hands-on" chemistry experiment which inspired me when I was at school and hopefully it will inspire many youngsters to consider studying science.

More and more schools are teaching children about how anaerobic digestion produces biogas and indeed GCSE teaching in the UK about biogas includes a course-unit in which it is explained. So we hope that this page will help continue that trend. More and more demonstrations of the unique combination of chemistry and biology which creates this useful, mostly methane (biogas) power source can only mean that the take-up of AD will grow further.

We are hoping that our page at the Anaerobic Digestion blog (see link above) will be seen very widely, so any help you can give when you go and check the infographic out. by "Liking" or "Sharing" the page using the buttons that we have provided, would be greatly appreciated. Now if you visit I'll see you there!