Monday, October 27, 2008

Recent Conferences Feature on AD when Reducing Waste to Landfill

There have been a number of events and conferences that have taken place so far this Autumn in the waste field that have been set up with the key driver of reducing waste sent to landfill - and guess what they include in their armoury of options, to do this - Anerobic Digestion!

The UK government's Defra funded New Technology Demonstrator Programme (NTDP) features in many of the events. The NTDP sets out to provide councils and staff from the local authorities with the opportunity of seeing new technologies for waste processing in operation, and for the lucky chosen few operators the opportunity to show off their technological prowess in developing these plants, commissioning, and operating them.

Information being gathered and publicised about the new technologies in the NTD Programme is playing a vital role in informing the discussions on a national scale.

Some recent conferences have been:

European Biofuels Expo and Conference

This conference took place in Nottingham on October 15th and 16th it aimed to balance the recent negative press and focus on the ‘good’ biofuels and how to address the challenges facing the industry. The 3rd annual event covered sustainable biofuel and bioenergy solutions for a low CO2, long-term sustainable future. Day 1 of the conference included speakers and workshops on biogas production through anaerobic digestion.

Food Waste Collection and Processing Conference (MRW)

This conference on October 16th aimed to “bring together innovative local authorities, Central Government policy makers, pioneering waste processing facilities and top consultants to set the path forward for a fully joined up solution to food waste.” Presentations included discussion around the WRAP food collection trails, in which the Biocycle Anaerobic Digestion plant, in Ludlow has participated. There was also a focus on incorporating business food in to local waste strategies, again, a scheme is being piloted in Ludlow with the Biocycle demonstrator facility.

As well as discussion on anaerobic digestion (AD), the key role of in-vessel composting (IVC) is also highlighted, and this new technology is demonstrated by Bioganix and Envar as part of the NTDP.

Scottish Waste and Resources Conference, Glasgow

Formally known as Eventful Scotland, this high profile event was held on October 7th and 8th.

Although not directly featuring any of the NTDP plants, this conference focused on some of the key issues being highlighted by the Defra Programme such as:

. residual waste and its options;
• love food, hate waste;
• residual waste energy and heat;
• food waste experience; and
anaerobic digestion.

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