Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Biogas-to-CNG Vehicle Fuel Projects Announced in Asia and Europe

QuestAir Drives Biogas-to-CNG Vehicle Fuel Projects in Asia and Europe
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Canada, Vancouver

QuestAir Technologies Inc. announced in mid December 2008 that it will supply M-3200 pressure swing adsorption systems for two unique projects that create renewable compressed natural gas (CNG) from biogas. The projects will use the systems to remove carbon dioxide and other contaminants from biogas waste streams to produce clean CNG that will power vehicles.

Austria's Spezialgase und Kryotechniksysteme Limited (SKS) and Salzburg AG, a large utility provider, have ordered a new system to expand their demonstration project in Salzburg. The plant purifies biogas generated by the digestion of grass clippings and other green waste from the city's municipal gardens, providing clean, green CNG for use as a vehicle fuel for city buses. Salzburg AG has plans to develop up to 20 additional biogas projects in Austria.

South Korea's Daesung Industrial Gases Co. Ltd. is developing one of the first biogas-to-CNG projects in Asia in Gimpo City, where biogas produced at the municipal landfill will be purified to create CNG fuel for use in city vehicles. Daesung Industrial and Hansol EME, a Korea-based environmental engineering company, plan to build a large-scale biogas upgrading plant in 2010 if the demonstration project meets expectations. More...

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