Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New - The Business Case for Anaerobic Digestion Page

I always like to see well written and new pages about AD. Here is an extract from a new web page which foots that bill, and below I have placed the contents list which those that subscribe to this blog will probably find interesting and well worth a visit:

A third of UK food goes to waste

Supermarkets are trialling anaerobic digestion as a way to generate energy and minimise their waste, and soon the biological process could have a far wider reaching application

With a spate of announcements on anaerobic digestion (AD) – from supermarkets using the biological process to handle their organic waste to the building of a national AD biogas network - something seems to be exercising decision makers. Are those bacteria that digest food waste at last going to be harnessed to their full potential? Dr Michael Gell examines the potential for AD to kick-start the building of an integrated biowaste infrastructure and to become one of the star technologies feeding energy into a renewables supergrid.

- What is Anaerobic Digestion?
- How does AD work?
- AD as a production process
- How widely is AD being used?
- Recognising the potential for AD
- Turning waste into useful products
- What are the environmental benefits of AD?
- Economic opportunities with AD
- What is driving the surge in interest in AD?
- Who are the key stakeholders for a national AD infrastructure?
- Carbon footprints in the food waste chain
- What are the supermarkets doing?
- Is AD commercially feasible?
- What are the prospects for a renewable gas network?
- What innovations might we expect with AD technology?

Go to ClimatChangeCorp for the full article.

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