Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why Farmers Choose the Anaerobic Digestion Process

The farming community will invest to improve their farms and ultimately to improve yield and profit, but there has to be a very good reason for doing so, and when it comes to shelling out hard-earned revenue, or going for additional borrowing, agricultural businesses usually look for dead certain investment winners, or nothing at all.


Yet, many farms are now going into Anaerobic Digestion plant installation and operation, investing in a process which is fairly new, at least for farming applications, and which they would expect to be operating on their farms for at least the next twenty years once installed. On the face of it this is a highly risky investment, and a surprise.

Well actually, there is good reason for this and it has very little to do with improving their crops, although the fertilizer it produces will be very useful there, it is to avoid environmental problems caused by the success of industrial farming methods, and particularly for dairy farmers who over-winter large numbers of stock in barns.

Let's not get too "down to earth" and talk about the brass tacks too much here, so shall we say that the problem is one of waste management, and leave as much as possible to your imagination!

Yes, the run-off from these barns and the effect this can have on pollution of rivers, in dairy farming and beef cattle rearing areas, can be and often is, very serious. So much enteric bacteria (stomach organism) type pollution has been occurring in in some estuarial areas of the UK that the quality of the sea on bathing beaches has failed to meet European Union Green Flag standards after heavy rainstorms.

These farms really have to reduce the pollutants in their run-off, and Anaerobic Digestion of their farm waste using a Biogas Digester is proving to be the top solution, once the problem is recognised. They are having to spend to reduce pollution because not cutting back massively on the quantities of organic waste being washed off their farms will increasingly mean that they will be prosecuted for the water pollution caused. Thus, this is a necessary spend for them, just to keep their farms operating on the right side of the law.

However, a biogas digester also can be used to generate renewable energy and provide fuel to run farm vehicles. So, many are finding it a great way to diversify away from solely food crop income dependence. In fact we would suggest that nowadays every farmer should be aware of the benefits of Anaerobic Digestion for its multiple benefits and great sustainability credentials.

Space is limited here so we recommend that you visit the Anaerobic Digestion community web site. It is well worth a visit for EVERYONE involved in a farm business. Much invaluable additional reading about the Biogas Digester's process, is available on that site.

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