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Anaerobic Digestion - Realising the Potential: Removing the Barriers

CIWEM - CMS Conference 28th June 2011, SOAS London

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Anaerobic digestion clearly has a really strong future. Charlotte Morton CEO of the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association will be presenting on what this vision looks like. Key points will include:

    * AD from the bigger, integrated perspective - energy, waste and water
    * Just what is the potential for AD technology?
    * The drivers and innovation from an international, European and UK level
    * The developing technologies and the opportunities that these provide
    * How can UK plc and its companies best unlock this potential?

The aim of this conference is to explore key issues concerning the future of anaerobic digestion in the context of the Government’s objectives, the country’s need, the water sector’s capacity, the waste sector’s interests and in particular to explore with regulators and what can be done to unlock this potential and remove the barriers to co-digestion.

The main conference themes are:

   1. The new paradigm:  What does a really ambitious vision for anaerobic digestion in the context of the water, waste and energy sectors look like?
   2. To understand the Government’s position and policy context of their work – Defra (but also covering DECC’s work)
   3. To understand a waste perspective on AD and co-digestion     
   4. To understand the Ofwat position on anaerobic digestion and energy generation and their position on co-digestion 
   5. To understand a water industry view on the future of anaerobic digestion [improvements in performance from new technologies] and in particular the issues with co-digestion
   6. To understand what co-digestion involves in practice –what happens when this is
   7. Anaerobic digestion and co-digestion: Barriers and Incentives  - next  steps   

This conference is seeking to bring the water and wider AD and waste sector together to look at the key issues

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