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Waste Technology Summit, October 2011, London - £100 Discount - Coupon Code

Are You Making Maximum Advantage of the Opportunities Arising from the UK’s Sustained Growth in Waste Technology Investment? Don’t Miss the Forthcoming “Waste Technology Summit” to Make Sure You Are!

2 Day Conference: Waste Technology Summit EU (4th - 5th October, London)

 The UK government has for some years now been investing heavily in the Waste Technologies to increase recycling and reduce waste sent to landfill, but with announcement made this June it has confirmed that it is taking this much further, having embarked upon a “Zero Waste” policy. Earlier Zero Waste initiatives are underway in Scotland and Wales, with Northern Ireland also taking a similar approach and they all need waste technology investment, to be successful.

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But, large though that investment is, there is more to come. The commercial and industrial waste sector which is of similar size, and had been slow to follow this lead, is now catching up. The landfill tax at £48/tonne in 2010/11 is the main driving force in this sector, and the fact that the Landfill Tax is to continue to rise by £8 a year until 2013, is now providing a compelling economic incentive to all businesses to divert larger quantities of their waste.

Put that together with the buzz around the emerging news of the exciting technical advances taking place in the waste technologies, which are evolving from proving trials to “proven and market ready”, and you have an un-missable opportunity to take part and benefit from this uniquely growing market.

Local Authorities and Waste Management Companies from across the UK and Europe are shifting their focus towards Waste-to-energy and Anaerobic Digestion. In addition, they are now committing large sums of government funding to the emerging technologies such as Gasification, Pyrolysis and MSW to biofuels.

At the Waste Technology Summit the challenge for many of the speakers will be to answer the pressing questions the delegate will be asking about: How can we identify the right technology? What are the merits and drawbacks of each? Which one suits the needs and budgets of the local area? How scalable are they, and what are the economic capacities?

EyeforEnergy have developed the Waste Technology Summit as a rare opportunity to bring together the top technology providers together in-person to answer your questions.

For any technology providers not yet signed up, there is still time to get involved. If you want to meet, and get your technology seen by decision makers from over 15 local authorities and waste management companies in the UK alone, EyeforEnergy can help you secure those meetings.

We recommend that you act now, and sign up for the Waste Technology Summit EU on the 4th and 5th October, London. Some of the leading stakeholders and most successful operators that will be present are: CEWEP, DEFRA, Grant Thornton, Mott Macdonald & WSP, Viridor? and Grundon?, to name just a few.

Find out more about the Waste Technology Summit, and how it can put technology providers in front of clients here: and subscribe to their email updates here.

Don’t forget to enter the coupon code SLAST for your £100 discount when you sign up. An exclusive site visit to the Viridor/Grundon facility at Colnbrook is also included in the price.

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