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Case Study on Commercial Viability and Funding for US Anaerobic Digestion/ Biogas Facilities - Download Available

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New case study investigates the commercial viability and funding structure for Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas facilities in the USA

Zero Waste Energy and Harvest Power are just two of the innovators taking advantage of Anaerobic Digestion as a means of recovering value from waste. These companies are amongst a recent batch of well-structured companies that have secured long term agreements to make this process a reality according to a recent abstract released by Renewable Waste Intelligence.

The potential of anaerobic digestion is significant. With a sound scientific profile from European projects and an increasing appetite for more sustainable waste management options, there are trailblazing projects springing up all over the USA, often backed by strong local support, waste management money and European project developers.

The primary concern for these innovators has increasingly become one of commercial viability rather than a need to prove the science. With the payback on larger facilities upwards of 10 years and the initial investment substantial – these projects are taking longer than expected to materialize. Plus they require a very long term approach by the waste managers at a local level who have to be prepared to commit to long term contracts (and therefore a fairly rigid pricing structure).

The abstract that has been released by Renewable Waste Intelligence looks at both the pros and cons of AD as a means of tackling waste management for organics. But in addition, there is some consideration given to the funding structure of Anaerobic Digestion facilities with a case study to give more detail. Greg Shipley (CEO of Waste to Energy LLC) said of the report, “'Renewable Waste Intelligence' has created a well written and informative report. This, in combination with the detailed case studies would be valuable to those seeking proof of viability of investing in renewable waste.”

The abstract can be found online through Renewable Waste Intelligence. To download the free copy of the abstract click here and it will be sent straight to your inbox.

If you need more information, then you can contact Oliver Saunders on or +44 (0) 207 375 7185 or Freephone US 1800 814 3459 ext 7185 to find out more about the report and also the work they are doing in Anaerobic Digestion.

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