Friday, May 25, 2012

How to Operate a Biogas Plant - Our Free Diamond Jubilee Gift to All Our Readers

How to Operate a Biogas Plant -- Free eBook

The are a quickly growing number of folks that are organizing a biogas plant for their farm, supermarket chain, food processing plant, market garden etc. You name it, and there are month by month more people that wish to know precisely how to operate a biogas or anaerobic digestion plant.

If you need any proof of this just consider the fact that in the UK alone, the capacity of biogas plants in operation grew by thirty percent in 2011, and we expect similar or higher growth this year (2012).

Even, if they do not yet have a plant to operate, we guess that a large proportion of future biogas plant operators might want to review what type of work, and level of commitment it entails. So, to assist them in choosing whether to go on and start their very own AD plant planning, we wrote this report which you can download by following the link below. Don't worry, it is completely free!

If you are one of the people that need to know how to operate a biogas plant - and you wish to operate a digester which is significantly larger than merely a home biogas digester - then you are in luck!

What you get in this ebook is:
  • A complete round-up and description of all the major points a skilled commercial scale biogas plant operator has to know
  • The concepts to follow in order to run and preserve a successful anaerobic digestion plant fermentation process
  • Risks to stay clear of when operating a Biogas Plant.
The following is a taster for the topics covered, when you download this 21 page ebook:
  • The Anaerobic Digestion process de-mystified
  • Precisely how methane bacteria help you to run: "The supreme waste disposal system"
  • Crucial demands for running an AD plant process reliably for lots of years
  • Preparing the feed stock before food digestion and the digestate for sale or utilization afterwards
  • Exactly how to establish a Biogas Digester from new
  • Essential checking requirements
  • The value of never neglecting to keep the digester warm
  • Keeping an eye on nutrient requirements
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (Sulphide) and Staying clear of AD Plants that "Turn Sour"
  • Commonest biogas reactor kinds and the moisture material vs solids balance
  • Plus even more!

How to Operate a Biogas Plant - free download:

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