Sunday, September 09, 2012

First London Anaerobic Digestion Plant Gets Green Investment Funding

The internet is buzzing with the news that London will soon get its own Anaerobic Digestion (biogas) Plant, so below is a round-up of what you can read online about this.

First London Anaerobic Digestion Plant means the city won't be left behind in Green Energy Race

We were just thinking that it was about time that London caught up with the rest of the UK in its provision of AD Plants, and now we have it. No doubt flushed by his popularity, London Major Boris Johnson has out his support behind the project which has secured just over £20M (GBP) in funding, which is no mean feat to achieve in the current economic climate.

Scroll down for the round-up of news links, below the fascinating video from Torse and Lindhurst Engineering.

Watch this video from TORSE for a new biogas plant in research at Nottingham University which produces a hydrogen rich biogas in a smaller footprint unit.

First AD Biogas Plant to Treat Organic Waste in London Secures Funds
"The facility will process food and green waste using anaerobic digestion (AD) and In-vessel composting (IVC) technology on a 4.7 acre site on the Mayor of London's 60 acre London Sustainable Industries Park (LSIP). The Mayor has committed over £10 ..."
TEG wins EPC contract for London's first anaerobic digester
"Work to develop London's first anaerobic digestion (AD) facility is underway. The TEG Group recently announced it has secured funding to construct a £21 million ($33.4 million) organic waste facility at East London's Dagenham Dock, including an AD plant."
TEG agrees funding for green power plant
"London's first anaerobic digestion facility to create electricity from household waste has been given the green light, after TEG Group and the plant's funders agreed terms to get the project off the ground. Located within the Dagenham industrial park ..."
"TEG Group has received funding to construct a £21 million anaerobic digestion plant in east London's Dagenham Dock. The new facility will be capable of processing 30,000 tonnes of food waste via anaerobic digestion and 19,000 tonnes of green waste from ...scrap-ex"
With all this publicity, the way to get known must be to get involved in projects in the capital city. There is nothing like it for getting the press to write about you!
Also, finally, after many years of promises from the UK government the Green Investment Bank does seem to be getting going. May there now be many more projects, which get their funding, as this one has done!


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