Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion Plant Opens in Bristol UK

AD plant in Bristol
The South West of England leads again in Anaerobic Digestion! This week's press is alive with the news of a new AD Plant in Bristol, and so that our readers get the fullest possible picture, with the least effort, we have included quotations from three recent news items from different publishers for you to read. We say - why not make life as easy as possible!

The South West saw a pioneering on-farm anaerobic digestion plant at Holsworthy in Devon in the mid-2000's, and as far as I know that plant is running very successfully. It was one of the very first projects in teh current growth of the technology. Now, Bristol and the region, is clearly moving forward with food waste AD and joining the rising tally of UK food waste anaerobic digestion plants, in this welcome news.

To watch this video on the advantages of separate food waste collection for anaerobic digestion, on YouTube click here.

Bristol food waste plant launches

"Based at Bristol sewage treatment works in Avonmouth, the plant can produce ten GWh of energy a year from biogas generated through anaerobic digestion treatment. The plant was officially opened by Defra minister David Heath. He said: "We see here the ..."
As you can see, the government was keen to make its commitment to this plant clear by sending the minister to open the plant.

Bristol's first AD plant opens

"Today (3 December) saw the official opening of Bristol's first food waste anaerobic digestion (AD) plant. The plant was opened by Defra minister David Heath and is operated by Wessex Water subsidiary, GENeco. Based at Bristol's sewage treatment works ..."
And, finally in the excerpt below we have the news from the angle of the Water Company which has made the investment.

Wessex Water launches food waste biogas plant

"(SeeNews Renewables) - Dec 3, 2012 - British utility Wessex Water said Monday its recycling and renewable energy arm Geneco had put on stream a food waste anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Bristol that will generate 10 GWh of power annually."
The plant will be operated by Wessex subsidiary company GENeco, and a further press release is available at the ADBA web site here. The contractor for the construction of the plant was Monsal.

We were interested to read that Wessex Water already produces 30 GWh of renewable energy from sewage sludge using the anaerobic digestion process, at the Bristol sewage treatment works already. That is just about enough to run the sewage works already, so the new power output will supply local electricity demand.

The total amount of renewable energy now being generated by the AD Process certainly continues to rise at a pace!

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