Saturday, October 26, 2013

News About the Latest in Biogas Engines

Clarke Energy has held the monopoly in online news releases in this market for the last few months, with biogas engines supplied for sites in the UK, and Kenya, as below:
In early 2013 Clarke Energy supplied and commissioned a 3 MW biogas engine at Agri-gen's Rendlesham anaerobic digestion plant at Bentwater Park, Ipswich. This facility digests energy crops, such as root vegetables, ...
E is supplying U.K.-based energy project developer Clarke Energy with two of its ecomagination qualified Jenbacher J420 biogas engines for a new 2.8 MW agricultural biogas power project at a large vegetable farm near ...

Converting Small Scale Biogas Engines for Domestic AD Plants

However, biogas engines come in all sizes and we found a video which expains how to convert a cheap tri-fuel engine to run on biogas in the small scale, from a domestic biogas digestor. The video shows how this can be acheived for about $450 from suppliers in the US. See below:
CHP and Biogas Engines
The use of biogas engines in combination with use of the steam produced, as a lower grade heat source continues to feature in the news, with Clarke Energy also active in that area, as follows:
Clarke Energy is assisting Agrivert to produce renewable energy from Oxfordshire Council’s waste. Agrivert’s new Wallingford Anaerobic digestion facility is helping to deliver a sustainable solution to both waste treatment and renewable energy production in Oxfordshire. The anaerobic digester processes food waste collected from Oxfordshire County Council and other local sources and produces biogas, a renewable fuel. The biogas is used in a combined heat and power (CHP) plant, achieving fuel efficiency in excess of 84%.
James Callaghan in the engine room of the Maryland Farms biogas operation near Lindsay, Ontario. The 500 kilowatt distributed energy biogas system produces energy right at the farm reducing the need for long distance transmission.
Finally,  we have some pictures of biogas engines around the world. Here we see James Callaghan in the engine room of the Maryland Farms biogas operation near Lindsay, Ontario.
The first image above is by Green Energy Futures via Flickr.
Below is the Biogas-BHKW 12V 400.
Biogas-BHKW 12V 400
Image by Tognum: MTU & MTU Onsite Energy via Flickr.
And, the considerably larger 4000 model:
Biogas-BHKW 12V 4000
Image by Tognum: MTU & MTU Onsite Energy via Flickr.

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