Tuesday, September 19, 2017

5 Ways in Which Biogas Can Reduce Urban Air Pollution

This short video explains how biogas can reduce urban air pollution.

1- Gas powered vehicles emit far lower Nitogen Oxides, known as NOx, and particulate matter than their diesel-based counterparts.By transPublish Postitioning away from petrol and diesel fuels to biomethane, cities can achieve both GHG emissions reduction and improved air quality.This has already been done successfully for some vehicle fleets in some cities including Lille and Berlin.

2. Replacing other fuels with biogas use can reduce Fine Particulate Matter in urban air in developing countries. Over 30% of fine particulate matter in the urban air in Central and Eastern Europe and Africa originates from domestic burning of solid fuel such as wood and coal for heat and cooking.

3. Replacing wood with biogas as domestic fuel would almost eliminate particulate matter emissions from this source.

4. Replacing coal with biogas for electricity production would nearly eliminate particulate matter emissions and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 40%.

5. Diverting organic waste away from landfills may improve air quality around the landfill, and in particular can reduce odours.

6. By collecting and using food waste, or the organic fraction of municipal solid waste, for the production of biogas energy, cities can improve air quality.This is because biogas plants not only generate their own renewable power via biogas, but can also be used to dispose of the waste, which will no longer be sent to landfills.

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