Wednesday, February 07, 2018

What is a Manure Pond and How to Use Lagoon Biogas

So you want to know: What are Manure Ponds and How to Use the Lagoon Biogas which an unmixed lagoon produces naturally.

Definition of "What is a Manure Pond"

A farm manure pond or lagoon is a man-made outdoor earthen basin filled with animal waste.

They are created from the manure slurry, which is washed out from underneath animal pens and piped into the pond.

A foul smelling gas called biogas is produced, and the majority of the gas is methane.

Some farmers cover their manure ponds to capture the biogas, and reduce odours.

Image illustrates What are Manure Ponds and How to Use Lagoon Biogas.
A floating plastic membrane cover, which wll hold the gas until it is needed, and pipes to collect the gas, are all that is needed for the simplest systems.

The methane in the biogas can be used for heating and for generating electricity on the farm.

Other farmers go to great lengths to produce biogas in large tanks called digesters where they put manure and used bedding material from their barns.

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 However, to use the biogas from a simple manure pond can be worthwhile financially especially in warm climates, and will help reduce climate change by reducing damaging greenhouse gas (methane) emissions.

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