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8 Biogas Uses List How Biogas is Used to Make Lives Sustainably Better

Check out our latest video "8 Biogas Uses" which is aimed at a common search term. If you know of any other uses we would be pleased to be informed and can then make another video with your suggested additional uses. #anaerobicdigestion #biopgas #biogasuses

8 Biogas Uses List – How Biogas is Used to Make Lives Sustainably Better.

Here is our list of 8 biogas uses point by point.

1. Electricity Generation as a Biogas Use.

2. Upgrading Biogas to Biomethane (RNG).

4. Burning Biogas in Domestic Gas Stoves.

5. Biogas Use as Fuel for Portable Electricity Gen-sets.

6. Using Biogas Carbon Credits as a Means to Obtain an Income from CDM Payments in Qualifying Countries.

7. Compression of Biogas to Fill Gas Cylinders.

8. Direct Conversion of Biogas to Electricity in a Fuel Cell.

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We hope you have been enjoying watching our list of eight biogas uses.

Have you ever thought of getting involved by producing biogas, or promoting the idea of large-scale commercial biogas production in your area?

Biogas is a sustainable renewable fuel which can be made for as long as man grows crops and eats food.

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