Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Anerobic Digestion Bins Trial Starts for Food Waste in Domestic Gardens

Food waste trial to cut bin waste by 30%

Council chiefs in Wiltshire are providing around 2,000 homes with food waste digesters in a bid to cut household waste by 30%.

Wiltshire County Council has signed a one-year contract with food waste digestion company Green Cone to supply two types of technology to residents - both of which can be used in gardens.

Wiltshire residents are trialling Green Cone food digestersBoth digesters can deal with raw waste and cooked waste included cooked fruit and vegetable waste, bones and meat, including poultry and fish.

The first called the Green Cone does not produce any compost but through anaerobic digestion converts the waste into water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of residue.

The second type of food waste digester is called the Green Johanna. This is larger than the Green Cone but produces compost.

Waste reduction
Wiltshire food waste is presently sent to landfill and council estimates that digesters can reduce the average household's waste by up to 180 kilos a year or 30%.
Toby Sturgis, the council's cabinet member for planning and waste, said: "People in Wiltshire are keen to be green, that is why we already recycle nearly 40 per cent of our household waste - but we know people want to do more.

"I was appalled to find out that surveys show the average Wiltshire household throws £400-worth of food away a year. It's not sustainable to keep on burying this rubbish in the ground. It is expensive and it produces green house gases.

"This initiative tackles the last major element of the household bin for which there is no green alternative. With the rise in fines for dealing with biodegradable waste we can't afford not to take action."
  • Mr Sturgis said that other authorities in the UK have used the technology include:
  • West Sussex which saw a reduction in waste per household of 184 kilos
  • Moray which saw a reduction of 151 kilos
  • Oxford which saw a reduction of 120 kilos.
The Green Cone normally costs £79.95 including delivery and Wiltshire residents taking part in the trial can pick one up for £15. The Green Johanna is usually £108.94 including delivery and this can be picked up by householders for £20.

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