Saturday, June 23, 2007

UK Government Needs to Get Serious and Provide Proper Funding

There is stark and disappointingly vast contrast between the government's stated desire to create a low carbon economy for the UK and its financial commitment finding the solutions.

For all the concern and apocalyptic talk setting out the need "to make real progress now" by Alastair Darling in last month's 'Meeting the Energy Challenge', White Paper, it seems government still expects the private sector lead the nation's war against climate change.

One example close to our hearts at is research into low carbon energy technology. This is essential in Anaerobic Digestion technology and is the next task to be tackled if we are going to comply with the recent Stern Review's demand for action to support innovation and develop low carbon technologies.

If the UK is serious about its stated aim of leading the field in low carbon technology then it must get sensibl realistic about the amount of public money it spends on finding the solution.

Meanwhile, government continues to push forward measures to assist nuclear power as part of this solution but even here states that "it would be for the private sector to fund, develop, and build new nuclear power stations in the UK, including meeting the full costs of decommissioning and take their full share of waste management costs".

Tackling the nation's growing energy supply and carbon reduction challenges is vitally important to our economy, and the environment. Our government must come clean on its real intentions.

Is it really going to start investing serious public cash in finding the right solutions, or are all the fine words all that they are going to give us?

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