Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Milton Keynes AD Plant and Others Coming On Line Show New Strength in AD for Energy & WWTW Sludge Digestion

At Anaerobic-Digestion.Com we like to bring you information on all types of AD Plants, and we are pleased to be able to report that sewage works sludge AD Plant technology is advancing rapidly.

The technology is now being developed significantly in many WWTW sludge treatment projects, as the abridged Water & Waste Treatment October Edition article here on our web site describes.

Anglian Water has a new biosolids and energy plant at a Milton Keynes WWTW which treats sludge from the plant and provides energy, as well as sludge treatment, which we understand has set new standards for anaerobic digestion technology, and uses thermal hydrolysis as the pre-treatment stage. Cambi technology is the technology being used at the £16M sludge treatment centre.

See more at the W&WT web site here.

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