Monday, November 19, 2007

Anaerobic Digestion Plant is Life-Changing Event for World's Largest Buffalo Colony

Anaerobic Digestion technology expert HiRAD(TM) is soon to complete installation of its AD pilot plant in Landhi Cattle Colony near Karachi Pakistan. Landhi Cattle Colony provides a unique opportunity for sustainable biogas production. It is home to over 400,000 Buffalo. This is the largest herd of these fine animals in the world.

It also presents both a waste problem and a great opportunity for HiRAD's Anaerobic Digestion system to solve it.

Currently over 8,000 tons per day of dung is produced, some of which is dumped on the land and some of which reaches the sea after some time lying in ditches, causing terrible pollution, risk of bacterial infection to inhabitants and bathers, and seriously damaging the marine eco-system.

Following on from the pilot, a full size plant is planned which HiRAD expects to be the largest manure biogas plant in the World. HiRAD will use this dung to produce over 118 million cubic metres (4.1 billion cubic feet) of biogas and 128,000 tons of organic fertiliser each year, providing employment for over 400 local workers.

The HiRAD plant will support electricity-generating capacity of over 40Mwe, but could alternatively provide over 170,000 Kg of LNG, enough to keep over 1000 buses running around Karachi. (Bus manufacturers worldwide take note!).

Projects of this magnitude require long term plannning and development, and this project is the culmination of almost 10 years work by New Zealand Consultancy Empower, and NEC of Karachi and HiRAD of UK.

Robert Orr, (HiRAD International Development Director) said:

"It is our privilege to participate in this trailblazing and life-changing enterprise, that will prevent over 1 million tons of CO2e reaching the atmosphere during its operational life, making this one of the largest ever CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects. The electricity produced will also help stimulate the local economy, and provide valuable additional revenue for the operator."

The project will also include a 20 bed maternity unit, a laboratory to enable improved milk yields and health for the Buffaloes and other facilities to improve the life of the people of Landhi.

For more information contact:

Robert Orr
International Development Director
UK Tel: +44(0)7985932921
Asia Tel: +92(0)3004074560
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