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Gasification of Forest Wastes Set to Produce Biogas in Gothenburg - Waste Management World

11 February 2011

Sustainable technology specialist, Metso has won a 30 million Euro order to supply a gasifier to Swedish energy supplier, G?teborg GoBiGas20MW project.


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The GoBiGas20MW project aims to use gasification of forest waste and biofuels to produce bioga. A demo gasification plant is scheduled to be built in two stages to demonstrate the technology of the green gas concept.

The first stage will supply around 20MW gas, and is due to be operational in early 2013.

Stage one is to be built in the Rya harbour, on the same site as the existing Rya hot water plant. The plan for the location of Stage 2 is on a nearby plot of land with jetty access.

G?teborg Energi say that the location was chosen so that the plant is close to a hub for Gothenburg's electricity, gas and district heating, and also allows a long-term and flexible fuel reception because it has the potential for both ship and rail transport. Cooling water to the process can be taken from adjacent G?ta River.

Metso will be involved in the first stage when the gasification plant is built on the existing premises of Rya V?rmecentral in Gothenburg, Sweden. The final plant will have a capacity of approximately 100 MW biogas, and an operating period of 8000 hours per year.

Ownership and responsibility for operating the plant will be transferred to GoBiGas AB, mainly owned by G?teborg Energi AB.

With forest residue and wood pellets as the main fuels, the gasification system, together with the subsequent methanation and up-grading system, will produce high-calorific gas, biomethane, for distribution in the existing gas grid.

"We see a huge market potential for biogas in replacing fossil alternatives and our mission is to show that gasification can play an important role in biogas supply", says ?sa Burman, CEO of the GoBiGas project.

"The quality of the gasification is essential for the success of the project and with the equipment from Metso together with the selected methanation and gas-upgrading technology we are now able to proceed to the next step, building the plant in order to meet our targets to replace natural gas by synthetic natural gas - from fossil energy to renewable energy".

Metso says that its gasification solution is based on new licensed technology for indirect gasification developed by Austrian company REPOTEC.

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