Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Landia Chopper Pumps Improve Biogas Yields at UK Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Landia Chopper Pump installed at the feed to the AD Plant
Pumps made by Landia are playing a vital role in the success of a new 20kW anaerobic digestion plant at a 1,100 acre mixed farm in Hampshire.

Designed to provide all the benefits of large scale AD, but simplified so as to be achievable on a farm scale, the £100,000 plant includes both long-shaft and dry-mounted Landia pumps, which handle slurry from the dairy and leftover fruit and vegetable waste from the arable side of the farm.

It is true to say that even the notoriously difficult to handle AD feedstock punishment at installations of this type, hasn’t halted Landia pumps on the farm.
“We’ve done our level best to punish these Landia pumps with the thickest and most difficult materials we could thrown at them”;
said farm owner and Bioplex Technologies’ Director Chris Reynell,

“but they just keep on working, even though there are no excess liquids because we’re very much a solids-in, solids-out operation”.

He added:
“Landia had to meet our criteria for rugged and reliable equipment that could cope with heavy material such as silage, garden waste and horse manure, as well as slurry.  We’ve had no problems whatsoever.  The Landia pumps have accelerated the hydrolysis of the AD plant and help produce very healthy bacteria.  We have gained a significant upturn in biogas and benefitted from a superior compostable end-product, as well as enhanced fertilizer values.  It’s a great piece of kit”.
Chopper Pump Detail
Reynell also explained that the outlay included a new reception tank and a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generator that provides electricity for his farmhouse. With the savings made from not having to buy artificial fertiliser and reduced fuel costs for the generator, he estimates a payback period of 5 years.

The pumps installed at this site are Long Shaft Chopper Pumps:  MPG 4” 7.5kw complete with cutting knives.

About Landia

Landia is a family-owned company that was founded in 1933 in Denmark.  In 1950 the company invented the first efficient electric pump with rotating knives, which is the main principle behind today’s modern chopper pump (as it is now called), which is used all over the world. 

Over 75% of Landia’s business is export, with its pumps, mixers and process units in successful use across numerous industries, including sewage treatment plants, biogas, agriculture, fish, food and brewing.  Landia prides itself on high quality products and a back-up service to its customers to match’.

Find more "Chopper Pump" information at the chopper pumps page at www.Landia.co.uk .

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