Saturday, October 29, 2011

Biogas live at Weybridge Waitrose - Surrey Comet

5:17pm Thursday 15th September 2011

A recycling system to convert food waste into biofuel has gone live at a Weybridge supermarket.


Waitrose in Weybridge High Street now has food not fit for sale taken to an anaerobic digestion plant and turned into organic fertiliser, or biogas which is converted in to electricity.

It means food that is out of date or damaged is put back in to the system rather than just thrown away.

As a result the store has halved the amount of rubbish it sends to landfill.

Waitrose target is for 150 stores to process waste in this way.

Weybridge branch manager David Coleman said: “As the first national food retailer to fully sign up to this food waste recycling scheme, Waitrose is leading the way in taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint.”

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