Sunday, January 08, 2012

Using Biogas as a Chemicals Industry Feedstock Not Petrochemicals

There are times when the research world seems to be positively ill-informed of developments in tenchnology. Here is a case in point. The waste management industry has been talking about this for some years and several start up companies are now trading on this as a business plan. Here is the article which explains the recent research on using biogas as a chemical industry feedstock :

Combustible gases generated by organic matter in landfill sites or from biomass are commonly burned to generate electricity.


However, a Finnish team, writing in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Sustainable Economy about using biogas as a chemical industry feedstock , suggest that such biogas might be more usefully used as an alternative feedstock for the chemical industry. They explain that using biogas in this way would reduce our dependency on oil and gas-derived products and is commercially and technically viable.

To initiate such a switch to biogas from landfill and other sources, there may have to be subsidies akin to those implemented in food production. However, as the price of raw fossil materials – oil and gas – continues to rise, biogas will become a more competitive alternative feedstock and government support could gradually be reduced. “The use of biogas can be promoted by identifying existing industrial sites currently using fossil-based gas as raw material and by analysing whether they can utilise biogas,” the team says. “By constructing biogas producing unit at industrial sites potentially enables development of other biogas applications. Building pipelines to other biogas users, or vehicle uses, are potential options,” they add.

View the original article about using biogas as a chemical industry feedstock  here

There is no doubt that using biogas as a chemical industry feedstock will happen, it is merely a matter of time, as non-renewable resources are used up.

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