Friday, March 01, 2013

What Every Biogas Plant Engineer Should Know About Contracts

O.K.! In our headline we have to admit that we changed the title to add in "Biogas Plant Engineer", and the course we are recommending here is a general training course, aimed at all engineers. However, the IChemE Forms of Contract are particularly useful for those like Biogas Plant Engineers and Managers, who need a form of contract which is designed for a process plant.

The ICE offers similar courses, but for biogas plant contracts they are generally not nearly as good, because they are all about getting a structure built, and nothing much beyond that.

Biogas Plants (Anaerobic Digestion Plants) are above all process plants. Process Plants are different. A bridge is finished and providing value as soon as the red-tape is cut on opening day, and the road over it, is opened. 

A process plant is different. To have a process plant built and sitting there is no good to anyone. A process plant like a leachate treatment plant, has to be commissioned, and working to produce the treated effluent to the quality specified by the discharge consent.

There are IChemE Forms of Contract for process plant contracts which suit every type of financing as well, so attending this course is really important for those in the leachate treatment industry, and if you are active in this area, we recommend attendance.

The details of the course follow:
The "What Every Engineer Should Know About Contracts" course will provide you with a
detailed understanding of contract law as it relates to engineering and construction contracts. It is taking place twice in the UK this year: 1-2 May in Rugby and 15-16 October in London.
Suitable for engineers of all disciplines, the course examines the law of contract and of tort within which engineering and construction contracts are made and operate.
It also looks at:
  • the structure and essential contents of these contracts risk allocation and its links with payments
  • the role of the contract administrator why the various standard forms of contract say what they say 
It is ideal for managers involved with contracts, particularly those who have moved into a procurement, project or contract management role, as well as engineers who are developing their skills across the range of business activities.

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IChemE Forms of Contract

12-13 June 2013, Redcar, UK
19-20 June 2013, London, UK

Helping those who will prepare, tender or manage a contract using the IChemE forms to understand their structure, main provisions and features, and the key differences between them. Fully updated to cover the new 2013 suite of UK contracts. Find out more here.

Please note that this is not a sponsored recommendation. We make no money from the course promoter if you attend.

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