Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Landia's Biochop Hygienisation Unit Targets Low Risk Anaerobic Digestion Plant System Market

BioChop Hygienisation Uni

The New Landia Biochop Hygienisation Unit will be a useful addition to the biogas equipment market as it is aimed at the majority of anaerobic digestion plants which accept Animal By-Product wastes and only process the low risk category 3 type waste materials, which are defined as:

Animal By-Products Regulations Category 3

  • Catering waste from households, restaurants
  • Former food
  • Much slaughter house waste e.g. waste blood & feathers.
These are waste feedstocks which can generally be used in composting and biogas plants without pretreatment as stated by Wikipedia. So, the BioChop Hygienisation Unit is great news enabling AD Plant operators to utilize Category 3 animal by-products as part of their feedstock.

The Biochop Hygienisation Unit

According to the recent Landia Press Release:
"Landia’s new free-standing BioChop Hygienisation Unit mixes and heat treats Category 3 animal by-products so that the resulting thin substance can be used as an energy-efficient substrate in biogas plants.
Organic remnants that are reduced in size by the Biochop are liquefied, heat-treated and pumped back out as a valuable raw material in closed pipes by one highly efficient process to an AD storage tank or tanker for transportation to a biogas plant.
In addition to significant cost savings on labour, transport and disposal. Landia’s Biochop minimises foul odours and prevents pests from entering residual products.
Suitable for AD operators, especially in enabling them to utilise Category 3 animal by-products as part of their feedstock, BioChop can also be bring benefits when installed for the poultry, fish, fruit and vegetable processing industries."

The BioChop Hygienisation Unit is described in the online (pdf) leaflet here.

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