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Biomethane News - New Era of Biomethane in Aircraft Fuel plus Tata Develops Biomethane Buses

There is no shortage of biomethane news these days.

Biomethane is simply a pure form of the raw biogas which bubbles out of the biogas digester, and it is becoming very common to build biogas plants which from the start will purify all their biogas into the much purer form known as biomethane.

This is often because most of the profits, and government subsidy from now-on, is expected to be directed at using the methane at the point of need for the energy.

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Common biomethane uses are:
  • As renewable compressed natural gas in cyclinders (rCNG): for most uses you would put to any gas in cylinder for heating and propulsion.
  • As renewable compressed natural gas in cyclinders (rCNG): for road transport use (mentioned separately due to the potential massive size of this market.
  • As natural gas when injected at pressure into public gas supply networks.
Now that you know exactly what biomethane is, and what is is used for, our round-up of the recent biomethane news follows:

Biomethane News - Air Liquide doubles its biomethane production capacity

The three new biomethane production units commissioned by the Tier One player are located in the United States (Walnut, Mississippi), France (Cestas, near Bordeaux), and the United Kingdom (Northwick, near Birmingham).

With these units, Air Liquide has doubled its biomethane production capacity, which now stands at 60 MW, the equivalent of 500 GWh for a full year of production.

The new biomethane production unit in the United States is located in the Northeast Mississippi Landfill (NEML) site. This is the first large-scale unit built by Air Liquide in the United States. It purifies the biogas that results from household waste treatment sites and transforms it into biomethane.

In Europe, the units purify the biogas from farm waste and transform it into biomethane. Part of this biomethane is used for trucks fueled by bio-NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicles), a clean non-fossil fuel with no fine particulates emissions. via Air Liquide doubles its biomethane production capacity

Malmberg wins new biogas contract in Denmark in Latest Biomethane News

Malmberg has won its first biogas upgrade project in Italy. To the customer HERAmbiente S.p.A, which today has an existing composting plant in Sant Agata (BO), will be supplemented with treatment and digestion of 135,000 tonnes of food waste per year. Biomethane will be produced using Malmberg Compact® GR 20R. via Malmberg wins new biogas contract in Denmark.

New UK biofuel targets take effect April 15 2018

Encouraging biomethane news has been announced in the U.K. The new Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation came into force on April 15, requiring fuel companies to nearly triple the amount of renewable fuel they supply by 2032, introducing a new incentive for the production of fuels from waste, and bringing in new transportation sectors, such as aviation.

According to the U.K. Department for Transport, changes to the RTFO will require owners of transport fuel who supply at least 450,000 liters (118,877 gallons) per year to ensure the mix is at least 12.4 percent biofuel by 2032. The industry is currently only expected to meet a target of 4.75 percent biofuel. An intermediate target of 9.75 percent is also set for 2020.

The regulations also set an additional target for advanced waste-based renewable fuels that starts at 0.1 percent in 2019 and increases to 2.8 percent by 2032.

An initial cap of 4 percent crop-based biofuels is set for 2018. The cap is reduced annually from 2021 to reach 3 percent in 2026 and 2 percent in 2032.

In addition, the regulations bring renewable aviation fuels and renewable fuels of non-biological origin into the scheme.

The U.K. government is also challenging the sector to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emission by 6 percent by 2020. That reduction, when coupled with the RTFO changes, is expected to support the U.K.’s low carbon fuel industry while helping to makes its transport sector more sustainable.

“This is an exciting time for renewable transport,” said Nina Skorupska, chief executive of the REA. “These new regulations will fire the starting gun on the U.K.’s development of novel fuels for aviation and other forms of transport which are hard to decarbonize, and build on our leadership position in the production of renewable fuels for road transport.”

“The prospects are great for increasing the amount of renewable gas used for fueling heavy goods vehicles,” added John Baldwin, chair of REA’s Biogas Group. “Running these HGVs on green gas reduces carbon emissions by almost 90 percent, plus it reduces particulates, NOx and noise.

“Fleet operators such as Waitrose and Asda are already converting to renewable gas, their drivers love the new vehicles, and these regulations will encourage more fleets to do so in the future,” Baldwin added. via New UK biofuel targets take effect April 15

Global Biomethane Market Attractiveness, Competitive Landscape and Key Players

Questale published a new in-depth industry research that focuses on Global Biomethane market, delivers detailed analysis of market and future prospects of Global Biomethane market. 

The critical and significant data in the study makes the research a very important tool for experts, analysts and managers to get ready-to-access analysis by the industry professionals. 

The research is attached with substantial information in the form of graphs and tables to understand important market trends, drivers and challenges. 

The study is segmented by Application/ end users (Automotive, Electronics, Metal and Machining, Plastic and Polymers, Food and Beverages & Others), products type (Upto 5kg, 5~10 kg & Above 10kg) and various important geographies like China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Southeast Asia & Australia.  via Future of the Global Biomethane Market – Growth, Latest Trend & Forecast 2022

Biomethane Market to Reach a Valuation of US $2,624.5 Mn by 2025

The front runners in the global biomethane gas market, according to one of the reports by Transparency Market Research, are:
  • CNG Services Ltd., 
  • Planet Biogas Global GmbH, SGN, 
  • Future Biogas Ltd., 
  • VERBIO, 
  • Magne Gas, 
  • Gasrec, 
  • Gazasia Ltd., 
  • Biogas Products Ltd., 
  • Schmack Carbotech GmbH, 
  • EnviTec Biogas AG, 
  • SoCalGas, 
  • ETW Energietechnik GmbH, 
  • ORBITAL, and 
  • JV Energen.

As per estimates of a report by Transparency Market Research, the global biomethane market stood at a valuation of US$1,485.4 mn in 2016 and is expected to reach a valuation of US$2,624.5 mn by 2025 rising at a CAGR of 6.7% between 2017 and 2025.

North America and Europe to Continue Garnerning Significant Market Shares

The segments of the global biomethane market based upon application are automotive sector and power generation. The automotive sector is expected to account for a significant share in the market over the forecast period.

The key regional segments into which the global market for biomethane is divided in this report are North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. In 2016, North America and Europe held a significant share of the global biomethane market. The trend is expected to continue over the forecast period as well.

Feasibility of Biomethane as an Automobile Fuel Fuels Growth

One of the key growth drivers of the global biomethane market is the green gas characteristic of biomethane. Biomethane is produced by the natural breakdown of organic material, which includes green waste, agricultural waste, food industry waste, household waste, and even industrial waste. The process of production of biomethane involves breaking down of organic matter in an anaerobic environment to produce biogas, which is further purified to produce biomethane. The resultant gas can be used as a vehicle fuel or can be injected into the main gas network to generate green energy.
via Biomethane Market to Reach a Valuation of US $2,624.5 Mn by 2025

Tata Motors develops country’s first biomethane bus

Tata Motors has developed country’s first Bio-CNG (bio-methane) bus which was unveiled recently at a bio-energy programme, ‘Urja Utsav’. The firm, which is India’s largest commercial vehicles manufacturer, said the bio-methane engines could be used in LCV, ICV and MCV buses.

At the Urja Utsav held in Pune’s Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Tata displayed three engines, along with the lead model — Tata LPO 1613 with 5.7 SGI NA BS-IV IOBD-II compliant bus.

The event, which was organised by the government, was attended by Minister of State (Independent) for Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan and MoS (Independent) for Power, Coal, New and Renewable Energy and Mines Piyush Goyal.

“The use of Bio-CNG will contribute in a positive manner to the Smart Cities proposition of keeping them clean and is a good option for wet garbage management,” Head of Commercial Vehicles Business in Tata Motors, Girish Wagh, said in a statement.

Rajendra Petkar, Head of Power System, Engineering said: “The showcase of the Bio-Methane bus is a step towards developing environment-friendly vehicles. Biomethane escapes into the atmosphere unused. If trapped and used in engines, it reduces the net impact on the environment and at the same time produces useful power.” via Tata Motors develops country’s first biomethane bus

We think that after browsing the wide range of news which is bubbling in the biomethane from biogas/ anaerobic digestion sector, you will agree that the future is bright globally for the anaerobic digestion and biomethane industry.

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