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Proof That Biomethane Is Cleaning-Up On The Biogas Market

Biomethane is cleaning-up on the Biogas Market. The business sector is growing rapidly with support and both political and monetary investment going forward in many countries.

This is demonstrating that building AD plants with additional equipment to produce biomethane, which is nothing more than thoroughly cleaned-up biogas, is thought to be worth the additional investment by many people.

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Biomethane Advances in popularity over raw biogas

Biogas has many uses, but the demand for biomethane which is a fuel equivalent to Natural Gas is simply insatiable!

Just consider the unimaginable amount of energy needed to run transport vehicles and the hype which is peddled daily by governments, to pollution hit city dwellers to convince us all that electric cars are the cure and are coming in just a year or two. Who truly believes that any more?

Now let's give you the PROOF that all manner of people, politicians and investors are now promoting biomethane and biogas plant projects which will produce biogas which will be upgraded to biomethane.

California Legislature Green-Lights Pair of RNG Bills

On the final day of California’s 2018 legislative session, a bill sponsored by the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition) that would pave the way for a state renewable natural gas (RNG) procurement program was approved, passing 29-10 in its reconciliation in the Senate.

As approved, S.B.1440 authorizes the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), in consultation with the California Air Resources Board, to adopt a biomethane (RNG) procurement program that would benefit ratepayers, proves to be cost-effective, and advances the state’s environmental and energy policies, the coalition explains. The legislation was introduced this year by State Sen. Ben Hueso.

“A renewable natural gas procurement program would create market certainty that industry developers need to access investment capital and build new projects in California,” says Johannes Escudero, CEO of the RNG Coalition. “Nearly 30 states have [renewable portfolio standard] programs in place, requiring electric utilities to procure and use increasing proportions of renewable energy. States should set similar renewable natural gas targets for gas utilities to create new in-state jobs, decarbonize our pipeline systems, reduce emissions and improve air quality.”

The RNG Coalition’s other sponsored bill this year, A.B.3187, passed the legislature by comfortable margins, the group notes. The bill requires the CPUC to open a proceeding to consider options to promote the in-state production and distribution of biomethane, including recovery in rates of the costs of interconnection infrastructure investments, by no later than July 1, 2019. It was unanimously approved (38-0) by the Senate on Aug. 27 after having passed the Assembly earlier this year. via CaliforniaRNG

New Technologies in the Works for Onboard CNG Storage

More refuse companies are investing in compressed natural gas (CNG) sourced from cleaned biomethane (renewable natural gas), storing it on board in cylinders. For some time, storing this high-pressure fuel on trucks came with challenges for fleets, and though the industry has since taken down significant hurdles, there are new innovations in the pipeline for greater efficiency.

“Fuel storage on board gas vehicles is well proven and established. But with all industries and technologies, there is continuous improvement going on. And in coming years, there will be changes and improvements to natural gas fuel and dispensing systems,” projects Barnes. via OnboardCNGStorage

Renewable natural gas program for Minnesota customers

Centerpoint Energy filed a five-year pilot program proposal with Minnesota`s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) on Thursday, which will give customers the option to purchase renewable natural gas, or biomethane, as an alternative to traditional gas.

The pilot would be the first of its kind to offer distribution of renewable gas directly to customers, although other utilities use it in a more "decentralized sense," Margaret Cherne-Hendrick, senior policy associate at Fresh Energy said in an interview with Utility Dive.

If approved, customers will be able to choose renewable gas for approximately $4 more per therm, although the price won`t be set until after the PUC approves the pilot, according to Centerpoint`s website. The state`s PUC is expected to make a final decision on the program in January of 2019.

Many in the industry will likely favor biomethane because the infrastructural transition is easier and cheaper for utilities she says. However, customers should be aware of what they`re paying for.

In a survey conducted by CenterPoint, the utility found half the approximately 1,550 customers surveyed were willing to pay $5 and $25 more per month for renewable gas, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and the utility is operating under the assumption that 1% of its 800,000 customers would be willing to participate. via CenterPoint Energy

UK John Lewis cuts CO2 fumes by over 80 percent in LARGEST ever green trial

JOHN LEWIS has teamed up with green gas supplier CNG Fuels to launch the UK’s largest-ever trial aimed at showing how biomethane, a low carbon alternative to diesel, can slash HGV emissions and costs, writes Maisha Frost. via John Lewis cuts CO2 fumes

Biogas Market Size, Share - Industry Share Report 2024

Global biogas market size is anticipated to witness substantial growth owing to government led stringent regulations pivoted towards greenhouse emissions. In 2016, Singapore government had led directive pertaining to carbon emission reduction by 36% by 2030 below 2005 levels.

Rising energy security concern due to depleting conventional resources will positively steer the global biogas market. In 2017, The Asian Development Bank has funded waste to energy (WTE) projects in agreement with Dynagreen environmental protection group across China.

Renewable resource integration with demand for cost effective clean source of energy will positively drive the global biogas market share by 2024. Government initiatives pertaining to waste management will propel the global industry. In 2017, Australian government in support to waste to energy technologies have launched a USD 2 million program in Victoria.

Inconsistency of waste composition and complex facility designs will hamper global biogas market. Urbanization and economic growth are diversifying the technology pertaining to lower generation rates, improved treatment technology and waste composition techniques. via Biogas Market 2024

Biomethane on the National Gas Grid – A First for Ireland’s Bio-Economy

In 2018, Gas Networks Ireland will introduce renewable gas onto the Irish gas network for the first time writes Pádraic Ó hUiginn. Renewable gas, also known as biogas or greengas, will be introduced into the Irish market as a means of further reducing emissions. As natural gas and biomethane are interchangeable, renewable gas can be used in the same way and in the same appliances as natural gas. Customers, business and domestic, would never be aware that the gas they are using is a renewable alternative. via A First for Ireland

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