Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2008 Will be Good Year for Renewable energy?

January 2, 2008 - Exclusive By David Ehrlich, cleantech.com

A new report says alternative energy stocks should do well in 2008, with MEMC getting a strong valuation for the sector. It could be a strong year for alternative energy as a whole, according to a new report, but the second half of 2008 could pose a problem for solar stocks.
The report from Thomas Weisel Partners, Alternative Energy: 2008 Outlook, said investor interest in the sector remains extremely high, with solar and demand response likely to get the biggest boosts in the new year.

"Public and government opinion is rapidly shifting toward increased action on
global warming, carbon emissions, renewable energy generation and new
energy-efficiency technologies," said Jeff Osborne, an analyst at Thomas Weisel,
in the report.

Over the past six months there's been a pronounced shift in the types of investors inquiring about stocks that Thomas Weisel covers, according to Osborne, with portfolio managers appearing to be building a cleantech theme for part of their portfolios. More...

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