Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Possible European Biowaste and Biogas Directives to Boost Anaerobic Digestion

The European Parliament Agriculture Committee has proposed the development of an EU directive on biogas production, suggesting that there may be benefit in a joint biogas and biowaste directive.

The Committee published a draft report on 29 November 2007 arguing that such a directive should include:

• specific targets for the agricultural biogas share within the target for renewable energy production
• measures for the construction and promotion of biogas installations
• adoption of national and regional planning measures to reduce legal and administrative barriers to biogas installations
• introduction of incentives to invest in biogas plants.

The draft report urges the European Commission to present as soon as possible a proposal for a biowaste directive, including quality standards, and “invites the Commission to explore the possibility for a joint biogas and biowaste directive”.

In response, the Parliament’s Environment and Industry Committees have both made suggestions which they would like included in the Agriculture Committee’s “motion for a resolution”, including calling on the Commission to present as soon as possible a proposal for a biowaste directive. More ...

We think that everyone in the AD Community will be in favour of this.

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