Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Biological Gas Desulphurization Process Wins IChemE Award

A biological gas desulphurization process developed as a result of co-operation between Shell Global Solutions International B.V. (Shell Global Solutions) and Paques has received a major accolade at the annual awards of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) held in London.

The team was awarded the ‘Sellafield Award for Engineering Excellence’ for the development of a biological gas desulphurization process, which integrates gas purification with sulphur recovery. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to safety, the environment, sustainable development and other aspects of the chemical and bioprocess industries.

A major benefit of the biological gas desulphurization process is its simplicity. In excess of 99.8% of the hydrogen sulphide can be removed and, depending on pressure, less than 4ppm hydrogen sulphide is possible in the treated gas. In the process, virtually all the hydrogen sulphide is turned to elemental sulphur so there is no need for flaring or incineration of hydrogen sulphide containing off-gasses.

The technology used – originally developed in cooperation with Wageningen University – avoids many of the challenges associated with redox chemistry through non-fouling or hydrophilic nature of the bio-sulphur produced. This bio-sulphur can be used in the manufacturing of fertilizer.

The Shell Global Solutions Gas Treating department together with Paques B.V. developed the biological gas desulphurization process which integrates gas purification with sulphur recovery in one process unit and it is well proven having been in operation since 2002. It is designed to be easy to operate and has limited maintenance requirements with a high on-stream time. A key benefit for the operator is that direct treatment of high-pressure natural gas and syngas can lead to significant operator cost savings making it ideal for use with LNG plants and gasification units.

An additional safety feature of the process is that once the gas leaves the absorber there is no free hydrogen sulphide. More ...

Webmaster: As Paque is a biogas specialist company this process can presumably be used for scrubbing digester biogas as well as LNG, and gasification units for use of biogas in natural gas systems and vehicles. However, this would need checking with the supplier.

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