Monday, February 27, 2012

Biogas Storage Holder Installed for Burdens Environmental Plus Video

Burdens Environmental have recently developed their own high tech Anaerobic Digestion plant. On viewing one particular answer to Biogas Storage at the environmental trade show ETSUK 2012, Burdens group recognised immediately the benefits of the simple, modular spherical Biogas Storage unit. This was first and foremost due to the fact that it matched perfectly the ethos behind the design of their new AD plant, in which every component of the system is an individual “plug and play” unit. See that artic;le below our video.

Watch our video below for more Biogas Storage information. While on ths subject of Biogas Storage spheres we thought that this video of an alternative offering would be of interest to our readers.


When Fred Bartlett, consultant to Burdens, first viewed our working model he was so impressed he commented “If I had the cash on me I would order the first one now!”. Following this successful first viewing Base are installing a 25m3 Biogas Storage sphere on AWS Burdens Environmental trial plant in Carmarthenshire, South Wales later this month.

By combining modular components to build systems, the Burdens model can be scaled up as demand increases, helping to manage the risk of a large speculative investment. Every part of each sub assembly can be bought off the shelf and bolted together to grow larger and larger systems. When it becomes unfeasible to keep adding parts and sub-assemblies then a step-change is taken up to the next size of system. In this way all possible AD needs can be catered for in 3 practically sized ranges, capable of processing 30 tonnes of waste per week up to 100 tonnes per week.

Base welcomes enquiries from both partners and potential customers. For further information please contact Fran Buchanan on +44 (0) 117 971 2229, email or visit the Base Structures Biogas Storage microsite.

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