Monday, February 13, 2012

New Biogas Analysers from Anri Instruments and Controls for Rising Analytical Needs in A.D. Industry

Biogas analysers are becoming more important as the range of uses if biogas is extended and the need for a consistent quality of gas becomes more important. We thought that we would bring you recently released information about the new Anri Instruments Biogas analyser product, now on the market. We know that our readers like to see a relevant video. The video which accompanies this post is the closest video for relevancy that we could find. We could not find a video by Anri Instruments. If Anri contact us, and there is a video available which we can embed, we will replace this video with theirs, but for now we hope you find the video and this post useful.

Anri Instruments & Controls presents the new Hitech GIR5500 biogas monitoring systems designed for various environmental monitoring applications. The GIR5500 joins Anri’s comprehensive range of fixed and portable biogas analysers.  

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The ATEX zone 2 certified GIR5500 biogas analysers join the Hitech GIR5000 range of analysers for use in applications such as digester gas analysis, landfill monitoring, flare stack monitoring, CDM verification (Clean Development Mechanism), Gas to Grid as well as CHP engine protection and efficiency monitoring among others.   
The GIR5500 biogas analysers are designed for continuous measurement of greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide using NDIR sensors in addition to oxygen and hydrogen sulphide by long-life electrochemical sensors.  
Supplied in a robust, weather-proof IP54 GRP enclosure, the GIR5500 gas monitoring systems feature standard outputs and alarm functions along with optional wireless communications. 
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Anonymous said...

what is cost of it

Steve Last said...

The cost can be obtained by visiting the web site for Anri Instruments.