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Small Scale Food Waste to Biogas AD Systems New Dawn for UK Biogas Production

Things are hotting up on tyhe UIK biogas scene. Hard on the governments announcement yesterday of final consultations with the industry on the enewable Heat Incentive for AD, which is a new form of additional subsidy for AD, Burdens have made this announcement, which if successful and their small commercial scale biogas plant system becomes popular, could change the industry forever from a miraid of small companies with bespoke AD plant designs to an almost mass-produced market for food waste AD Plants.

The company will offer a "fully funded option". This will remove a huge problem from the small businesses that can make use of this, and is expected to raise a lot of interest.


Bristol, UK based small scale anaerobic digestion systems supplier, has announced their own patented design. What is more. Burdens Environmental informs us that it has completed its trials of a demonstrator facility in Wales, which is now accepting waste from Carmarthenshire Council and HRH Prince Charles' estate in Wales The floowing is the excerpt from the article which took our interest. You are reminded that the full article contains much fuller information about this biodigester, and can be access via the link below the quoted text which follows:

The company claimed that the facility is the UK's first commercial small scale anaerobic digestion (AD) system for localised food waste treatment, and that it now plans to roll out compact food waste treatment plant.

According to Burdens the system has been designed to speed up the adoption of AD food waste treatment plants in the UK by making them commercially viable and thereby increasing recycling rates for municipal and commercial food waste across the country.

Each Burdens system will be capable of handling between 3000 and 5000 tonnes of food waste per year, and the company said that it is offering a fully funded solution for the modular waste treatment plants, as well as an option to buy outright.

The fully funded package will involve the company paying its customers to run the operations, with a full maintenance programme and rent for the land on which it will be located being covered by Burdens.

In return, the company said that it will benefit from the Feed in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive linked to the renewable energy outputs of the recycling process.

In addition, full turnkey plants will be available for between £850,000 and £2 million, which the company said would provide a rapid payback through significant operational savings, as well as revenues from energy generation and gate fees.

The company added that its system is the first digester of its size to be Animal By Products Regulations (ABPR) compliant, which means that it can recycle general food waste, including meat.

It also claimed that the system meets compost, soil and land use regulations (PAS 100, PAS110). The biofertiliser generated is used as a beneficial fertiliser on local farm land.

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