Thursday, July 05, 2012

Zorg Biogas Helps Largest Tobacco Producer in Italy Go Green

This is the first time we have heard of the tobacco inductry using anaerobic-digestion to provide heat and power plus digestate fertilizer usiing their orgnaic waste as the "fuel". We have included the Press Release issued by the Biogas EPC company involved, below:

An international biogas plants construction company will supply a 999 kW el. co-generation heat power unit for “Virginia Trade,” one of the largest manufacturers of tobacco products in Italy.

Maintaining high level of vertical integration, “Virginia Trade” owns an agricultural company growing tobacco for its merchandise. Merchandise Biogas for the co-generation unit will be produced from corn silage supplied by the subsidiary.


With four earlier orders from Italian companies for technical design of biogas plants, current contract is the first to move to equipment supply stage for Zorg Biogas AG.

About ZORG:

ZORG executes full range of engineering services within biogas industry. The company designs and builds biogas plants under German state-of-art technology and know-how license.

ZORG works on a global scale: company’s projects have been successfully implemented in 12 countries, such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Turkey, Russia, Moldavia and Indonesia.

Zorg Biogas AG
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