Sunday, February 24, 2013

Börger’s New Rotorrake Chopper is Designed to Deliver Brutal Grinding Power to Biogas Plant Applications

The use of macerators in the anaerobic digestion and biogas industry has the potential to raise yields from many feedstocks, and by chopping up the larger lumps and particles in a digester, will certainly allow better mixing with a lowering of the viscosity of the mixture in the reactor. It may also help to cure pipe blockage problems in systems where these have proved to be troublesome. 

Buying the right knife action macerator for a biogas plant application can be a highly cost effective purchase, especially when there are benefits in the three areas of:

  • Higher biogas yield per unit volume of feed due to the methanogenic organisms being able to work on a larger surface area of the particles after being chopped up 
  • Better mixing of a more homogeneous reactor contents
  • Reduced potential for pipe blockage.
Leaders in this field in the UK are Landia, and now Börger with its new specialized biogas product.

Börger manufactures the Rotorrake chopper/ macerator in Europe specifically for biogas plants. The Rotorrake is a robust, single-shaft coarse chopper.
In common with competitor products, these macerators are easy and economical to install into most operating biogas tanks, without major disruption to the process and/ or the contents. 

Börger's many years’ of experience in the European market has resulted in a precision engineered system utilizing heavy duty components for trouble free service. 

Börger has longstanding experience in the grinding of solids in the most varied of applications.

Börger’s new Rotorrake builds on that experience and has been designed for simple yet highly effective size reduction of coarse solids in AD plants, where reversible knife rotation against fixed counter rotating knives bring about the Rotorrake’s course macerating effect for chopping and grinding tough solids such as manure and crop feedstock.

Börger reports that they are easy to service with their "Maintenance in Place (MIP)" capability that includes a quick-release cover and single screw cover removal for access. The Rotorrake is also modular and has a small footprint.

Stated to be "blockage-free in operation", Rotorrake achieves its highly effective size reduction of solids with a throughput of up to 800m3/m (3,500 usgpm), with centrifugal forces aiding the collection of any stones or debris that drop into its large stone trap, which can then be easily emptied via a front cover.

If you are a biogas plant operator and you think that you plant may benefit from a chopper system, you can contact Börger Pumps, at the address below:

Börger Pumps
01902 798977

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