Thursday, February 07, 2013

Anaerobic Digestion Gets PR Bonus from UK Meat Scandal Plus Permits Streamlined

Streamlined Anaerobic Digestion Plant permitsYou may well be amused to hear that the Anaerobic Digestion process, which has rightly been getting an increasingly favourable press recently worldwide, is now also picking up a PR publicity bonus from the UK meat scandal. Read the details in our first link below from the UK's Guardian Newspaper.

However, the anaerobic digestion industry is much more quietly taking on another role, which in the long-term will be much more important, which arises from the ability of AD Plants with suitable pasteurizing equipment, and suitably permitted to accept potentially infectious wastes is likely to increasingly take on the role of disposal route as the disposal method of choice for the carcasses of fallen animals.

Horsemeat scandal: discarded burgers to be converted into fuel

""The products withdrawn from stores will be sent to anaerobic digestion plants," the spokeswoman said. "This is the most efficient method of generating energy from waste, and part of our broader 'zero food waste to landfill' strategy. We are the UK's ...The Guardian"
In many ways, the quiet adoption of the AD process for fallen stock disposal on-farm rather than incineration or another dispoal method, after haulage to a suitable facility, would most likely have larger long-term benefits, as described in the following article:

Anaerobic digestion could be solution for fallen stock | Features ...
"RESEARCHERS at Harper Adams University have been awarded more than £150,000 to investigate how anaerobic digestion (AD) can be used as an on-farm"
And, if that was not enough good news for biogas in the UK, the EA seems to be about to make the often criticized anaerobic digestion plant permitting system just a little bit easier to comply with:

Permit for Anaerobic Digestion Plants Published
"UK - New streamlined environmental permitting regulations for anaerobic digestion plants could be 'timely boost' for industry, says"

So, this must surely be a good month for the AD industry in the UK.

Tell us whether you think this help with permitting will really assist you.

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