Thursday, July 27, 2017

Advantages of Biogas Energy - Shout Louder for UK Anaerobic Digestion

Professionals Need to Shout Louder about their Vision of a Global Biogas Boom

The video and article are inspired by an editorial by Charlotte Morton, ADBA’s Chief Executive.

Advantages of Biogas - Published in the AD and Bioresources News.

Anaerobic Digestion Plants in the UK are already delivering exceptional value, but so far have delivered only a fraction of the potential of this technology.

With further investment the UK Biogas industry can not only keep growing, meeting the UK’s energy security, food security and greenhouse gas goals. But, the Advantages of Biogas can also help the world deliver sustainable development.

Global agreements like COP21 are only a start in terms of recognising the challenges we face.

Climate change is already hindering efforts to reduce poverty and hunger in the developing world. The Advantages of Biogas are badly needed.

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